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  • acquire new clients -SPARK DRIVEN

Our Two Programs to Acquire New Clients

Dear Friend,

SPARK DRIVEN offers you two programs to acquire new clients.  We have found that these programs are relatively simple and successful at making the phone ring with prospects that are searching online for a service provider like you.

Unlike others in the industry we count client calls not clicks.

Pay Per Call – We help reach clients within your target territory and service offering. You don’t need to pay for a website, hosting, promotions, advertising, social media or any other type of advertising work, maintenance and headache. We do it all for you FREE. We verified that the caller is looking for service, you pay us every time we text you client contact information. We can get you between 1 to 10 clients a day.  Your […]

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  • Internet Marketing Strategies - SPARK DRIVEN

Our Internet Marketing Strategies


From building your website to search engines or running your internet marketing campaign to receive client calls,  all we care about is how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business.

Armed with this insight, we build simple powerful, strategic and tactic internet marketing and sales generation channels that we’ll increase your client acquisition and revenue.

Internet marketing is getting more complex, competitive and confusing; we’ll put a road map in place with milestones according to your budget and show you how we can make an impact on your business.

2. We Broke the Traditional Rules.
You need an internet marketing company with deeper insight and a different approach to reach the top, to drive more leads […]

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  • Revenue & Cash Flow

Plumber Marketing – Increase Your Revenue & Cash Flow

We work with a few plumbing companies, residential and commercial, backflow and sewer/drain cleaning companies.  We manage their Plumber marketing campaigns extremely successfully to the point where they receive as much as 200 times the return on what they pay us.

We base our work on the plumber inquiries for services within his target area, that means that we pick, target and deliver only certain plumbing jobs within a certain area.  For instance, some of the plumbers would like to get sewer/drain repair jobs, water heater jobs but not boilers, we tailor a case for each plumber targeting a specific client profile to deliver daily jobs.

There is certain confusion about which work you can get more of, but it all starts […]

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Our Clients are Generating up to 90 Calls a Month through their Website

Professionalism and a passion for what we do brings magnificent results for our clients. Having new potential customers contacting your business requesting service on daily basis is the dream of any business owner and in the current economy can be considered a gold mine.

We are currently running a few projects that generate daily calls through organic searches (no adwords, bing or any other pay-per-click ads), increasing our clients’ revenue and reducing our clients’ expenses on advertising.  Having a phone tracking system on site allows us to measure 90 Calls a month through client websites.

We estimate the return on investment as much as ten times of what our clients pay us, not including their saving on advertisement.

Having a quality website that […]

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SPARK DRIVEN is currently offering free website hosting for new clients for 30 days (U.S. based web site hosting).  We will do the initial set up for you at no additional cost.  Our free website hosting is a shared hosting and we’re willing to accommodate dedicated website hosting in accordance with your web hosting and e-mail business needs.  You can host any single PHP or HTML or WordPress site, including hosting a database.

If you have an existing hosting account with another provider and you would like to transfer your site to our free hosting plan, please be advised that the process propagation time between the two hosting companies may be around 48 hours so your website and e-mail may not available during that time and we […]

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Moving Your Business Forward – Now Even Faster!

When was the last time you started a new project and finish it on the same day? In today’s world getting together the information, the right people, technologies and business tools that are required to accomplish solutions is not a simple process, it usually takes a few month or sometime even more than a year.

Here at SPARK DRIVEN we have created a fast moving road to accomplish almost any tasks quickly. Web design, or development or internet marketing campaign can be completed in a incredibly short time. We gather a team to think fast on concept and details, get your approval, and execute the plan in a short time; sometimes less than 48 hours. And we always give you tremendous ongoing […]

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Should You Market Your Business on Social Media

When it comes to developing a smart marketing campaign one of the first questions an intelligent business owner needs to ask is, “Where are my customers?” The second question is, “How can I reach them?” With the growth of Social Media in the last 10 years it is clear where your customers are spending a large quantity of their time. With this in mind the new question should be, “Why are you not marketing on Social Media Networks?”

Whether it’s Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other, social media networks out there every business owner needs to realize that their customers and potential customers are on these sites. Now here is a quick rundown of why you should use Social Media networks to market your […]

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Make Your E-mail Marketing Campaign Successful

Eengage your audience, generate sales, and build relationships with customers is through an effective e-mail marketing campaign.  Why E-mail marketing?

It is data driven
It allows targeting
It drives direct sale
It builds loyalty and trust with your audience

Technological innovation has made it easy to develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of e-mail and also help the process by automating e-mails through auto responders, but the magic of having a campaign  that your customers responds to still lies in crafting out a good campaign. Here are ten tips to create an engaging successful E-mail Marketing Campaign:

The Subject Line

Capturing the attention of the viewer is key to any marketing effort and is crucial in E-mail marketing campaigns. A good subject line will […]

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5 Reasons To Use Pay-Per Click

Enforcing your marketing efforts can help you thrive and reach new customers while the majority of companies slash their marketing budgets and go into dormant survival mode. The key to thriving in tough economic times is developing a strong marketing campaign at an affordable budget for your business. One

of the most affordable ways to accomplish this is through pay-per click advertising. Television and radio ads can be very expensive. An effective way to reach out to new customers is through pay-per click advertisements; advertisements in which you only pay when a potential customer clicks to view your advertisement when they search for products on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). This is a controllable, affordable, and excellent strategy when it comes to taking […]

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  • Plumber-Advertising- ROI

What is Your Advertising ROI ?

Advertising ROI is the return on investment of an advertising campaign. It is important to understand the return on investment of  your advertising campaigns as it is a measure of effectiveness  ; in simple terms how much the advertising helped you generate compared to how much was spent or invested on the advertising efforts.  Making sure that the advertising ROI is high is a priority. Your Advertising ROI can be calculated simply by dividing your sales by the cost of your advertising.

 Sales / Cost of Ads = Advertising ROI

Your Advertising ROI can be calculated simply by dividing your sales by the cost of your advertising.

Leads / Cost of Ads = Advertising ROI

If the purpose of your Advertising campaign is to gather leads or […]

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7 Ways to Boost Your Business Online

With the ever growing shift of consumers to utilizing the internet to get information  and purchase products or services it has become critical for any business to boost their Internet Marketing efforts. Here are 7 ways to boost your online marketing: […]

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  • get-traffic_by_seo

Website Traffic Generating Strategies

Build your email list.
Leaving comments on other blogs, especially if they are big and on a related niche. (TechCrunch) add link direct back to  latest post
Guest posting is an even better way to get exposure.
Useful and high quality content.
Engaging in social media communities. (Twitter,Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, Facebook etc) . update all my microblogs, Facebook, Myspace and all other services.
Make a post with your personal network of friends and associates to
Find keywords that people are spending money on to sell products.
work with your competition. (become a productive on their community, comment on their blog…)
Promote your site on a consistent basis.
set a goal to have one new link a day to your site/blog.
capture leads – people that you can communicate/promote to on a regular basis.

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