Call Meter – Service Call Plugin

We introducing a new product that provides your business with on demand calls directly to your business phone. This program is tailored specifically to your business so you are the only one that receives the incoming calls.

Unlike other programs on the market that share your client requests with your competitors, no other competitors in your area will receive these client requests and calls.

Based on pay per call marketing programs , you will pay only based on the number of incoming calls and client requests that you receive by e-mail.

No any advertising fees that charge you per views, impressions ONLY  local Incoming client calls that are asking for your service that’s what you are paying for.

The Call Meter Service Call Plugin is a complete marketing platform from start to finish to provide you with client calls.

How Call Meter Plugin Work?

We do all of the advertising for you at no cost and we count the number of service calls that you receive on your line and that’s the only thing that you pay for.

All the calls are qualified on our marketing system to have a profitable product and service.  We aim that you should make between 5 to 20 times what you pay.

You pay for qualified calls only, meaning clients that are calling to ask for service.  (All other unrelated calls like sells calles will be credited). Plug it into your business today.