I’m in Need of Plumbing Calls and Leads

We provide plumbing leads to small and big plumbing companies as well as independent sole proprietors. Many of the bigger sewer and drain companies are looking for maintain consistently full work schedules for their employees year round, which we can provide. The independent plumbers often start out, like this call transcribed below, looking for some additional jobs here and there but find that when we are supplying the work they can grow their business very quickly and easily and go from struggling to owning a thriving plumbing business overnight.

I want to pick up on some side jobs more and I saw your guy’s SPARK DRIVEN company, but I have been in contact with some other companies before in the past and I tried and you know I paid per lead and and a lot of times leads won’t go through but they still charge me for my lead and I want to make sure I’m getting the right work and see what you guys are about and what you do.

On the pay per lead for plumbing calls, is there like a trial that we can run for a bit, I don’t want to just simply jump into something that I don’t know? Again I don’t want to waste my money or my time.

I don’t really have a website or anything like that just because I am working for another main company and you know I just said I know that I don’t want to infringe on anything on them if I’m like stealing customers from them but at the same time we’ve been so slow that it’s just that occasionally I’ll go help out family and friends. I’m very familiar with a lot of Plumbing work from repiping to water heaters to the garbage disposals P traps, water line leaks, sewer and main drain cleaning all that stuff, I just need the plumbing leads.

Not full time I just want some plumbing jobs here and there; if I can do three side jobs or 5 plumbing jobs a week, something like that would definitely help me out a lot.

Our company’s been kind of dead but I’ve been working. Today I’m on call, I’ve been on I’ve been on the clock since 7 this morning and I have not received a single job, I’ve been on standby. These kind of days hurt me a lot, especially with the baby and the bills and other stuff and my wife not working. I’m in New Jersey.

A few questions that we ask in order to get to know your plumbing company and it environment:

  • What size of business are you? (single owner, company)
  • How many people in your plumbing business?
  • How many trucks do you have?
  • How many plumbing leads do you need every week in order to sustain the company?
  • How many plumbing jobs can you handle every week or per day?
  • What type of plumbing service do you offer to your client?
  • Can you handle bigger jobs, like sewer line repair or replacement? Water main excavation?
  • Do you provide emergency plumbing service for clients 24-7? Can we get your plumbing clients to call you in the middle of the night?
  • Do you have a website right now?
  • Any client reviews?