Incoming client calls that are asking for your service are the only thing you should be paying for. All other marketing and advertising that charge you per views, impressions, per location or per clicks will most of the time create a very small number of actual paying customers.

SPARK DRIVEN’s pay-per-call marketing service directs potential customers to your business according to the list of services that you offer. We only direct clients that have been pre-qualified to fit the demographics of your customers and have requested to pay for service.

Marketing in today’s world can get very expensive, very competitive and very tricky.  People clicking on your paid ads can cost you an arm and a leg and in reality very few of those clicks result in clients that pick up the phone and call you to ask for services.

Our Pay for Results Service

We provide you with daily new clients that are asking for immediate service. You pay for results only. One flat fee every time you receive a call from a client asking for service.  A 100% refund is guaranteed, so you pay only for genuine clients that are asking to do business with you.

Pay for Results Marketing

We have developed a unique technology, that along with our experience and knowledge, will boost your business revenue and success.

  • We work with you to define a list of high profit products within your business niche.
  • We choose your local demographic targets.
  • We establish multiple campaigns within those categories.
  • We work on your campaign to generate daily calls.
  • You pay when we deliver clients to you.
  • Call tracking software is installed to verify the quality of the calls and for billing.