Plumber Marketing – Increase Your Revenue & Cash Flow

We work with a few plumbing companies, residential and commercial, backflow and sewer/drain cleaning companies.  We manage their plumber marketing campaigns that have been extremely successfully to the point where they receive as much as 200 times the return on what they pay us.

We base our work on the plumber inquiries for services within his target area, that means that we pick, target and deliver only certain plumbing jobs within a certain area.  For instance, some of the plumbers would like to get sewer/drain repair jobs, water heater jobs but not boilers, we tailor a case for each plumber targeting a specific client profile to deliver daily plumbing leaders jobs.

There is certain uncertainty about which work you should get more of, but it all starts with one thing, your ability to serve your client, professionally, quickly and at a reasonable cost.  At the same time you need to maintain a mix of different services for short and long term in order to improve your daily/weekly cash flow and increase your revenue in plumbing & backflow marketing.

1. Plumbing Services – There are two groups in this category:

A. Residential clients where you walk in get the job done and walk out with the cash! This provides excellent immediate cash flow and great revenue and in my opinion with an organized day you can make over $1200 a day profit!

B. Commercial clients job might be $1,000, $30,000 or more, great revenue but not great cash flow because usually it might take over two weeks to get paid.

2. Backflow Preventer Testing Service – There are only two ways to get nice immediate revenue from the backflow service:

A. Get the testing from clients that have a few backflows or more than a few locations like, retail chains stores and restaurants, parent companies,  governments and others.

B. Backflow repair. Backflow repairs have a higher ticket price.

Both options have excellent revenue but lower cash flow as it takes time to get paid. The backflow business is a more long term business and if you keep in touch with all of these clients you can get paid a consistent annual fee for backflow testing (or one day to sell the business with a list of clients for much more) but in the short term on a weekly, monthly basis you will have very slow cash flow and low revenue if you rely on incoming work from backflow testing.

Residential clients bring daily cash flow, you have to maintain a balance between commercial and residential clients to get immediate cash flow and the long term growth.

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