Should You Market Your Business on Social Media

When it comes to developing a smart marketing campaign one of the first questions an intelligent business owner needs to ask is, “Where are my customers?” The second question is, “How can I reach them?” With the growth of Social Media in the last 10 years it is clear where your customers are spending a large quantity of their time. With this in mind the new question should be, “Why are you not marketing on Social Media Networks?”

Whether it’s FacebookMyspaceTwitterLinkedIn or any of the other, social media networks out there, every business owner needs to realize that their customers and potential customers are on these sites. Now here is a quick rundown of why you should use Social Media networks to market your products or services.

1. Extensive Reach

According to Quamcast, Facebook alone reaches over 140 million people monthly, and Twitter over 60 million. Utilizing social media networks to reach people is magnificent, as you can get a lot of exposure and reach a lot of your target audience on a daily basis.

 2. Word of Mouth

You probably heard it before, the best type of marketing is “word of mouth ”. Social media networks are all about communicating, and socializing. They present the opportunity for any organization to take advantage of the power of “word of mouth” by giving them access to people who can spread their message.

3. Brand Loyalty

Any business looking for longevity understands their need of brand loyalty from their customers. Brand loyalty is building and maintaining a relationship with customers. Social Media Networks give you the opportunity to be in constant communication with your customers, let them know of promotions, innovations, and news while also seeing some of the things they want from you.

4. Viral Potential

You have seen the many internet celebrities that have risen since the conception of Social Media. An innovative aspect of the creation of social media is that it gives the opportunity for anybody to go viral and spreading their message through social media channels.

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate a social media marketing strategy for your business today!