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With great website systems like we have you don’t have to pay for a web developer to update your website, most of this maintenance can be done by you. However there are still areas where having a technical expert on board is a huge benefit, every website or software needs to have ongoing updates and upgrades, new security batches against virus and malware and in general any technical issues that you may have.

You don’t have to pay a high hourly rate every time you need some expert assistance because of our great value support offering.

website-support-planWebsite Support plan from
$60 / month


  + We upgrade your site to the latest version of WordPress when released to keep it secure.

  + We provide phone or email support in using your site during business hours.

  + We provide a reduced hourly rate for general web work ($90 instead of $120).

  + We offer priority treatment for hourly web work whereby our support clients are looked after first.

  + Any bugs in your site or it’s code will be fixed for free as long as you are on support.

  + If your site is ever compromised for whatever reason we will fix it for you free of charge.

This is a highly recommended service for your business, it will lower your cost as well as provide you support for one small flat fee.

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